Tufbox - Your Smart Cathodic Protection Junction Box

Tufbox is buried directly into the ground in the anode wire trench, therefore no pole or conduit is required. Flip up lid with two slide out panels provides access to BOTH SIDES of the junction panel.

3 in 1 Solution
  • Tufbox is the pole
  • Tufbox is the conduit
  • Tufbox is the ideal anode junction box

Tufbox is the ideal anode junction box for new or replacement ground beds - deepwell or conventional.


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Tufbox is quick and easy to install. Direct burial and backfilling of hollow, below grade portions provides excellent stability.

  • Easy termination of wires
  • Easy access to all measurement points
  • Wires are tucked away behind the panel
  • No fitting wires through the conduit
  • No bending of wires
  • Ample space and full access to rear of panel ensures easy quick termination



Tufbox has two slide out panels giving access to both sides of the junction panel.

  • Junction panel can accommodate up to 30 shunts for standard size
  • Your choice of shunt size / manufacturer
  • Numerous junction panel configurations available
  • Your choice of lexan or phenolic panels
  • Contact us for other junction panel needs

Tufbox with standard junction panel (1-30 shunts) typically ships within 48 hrs.

  • Aluminum construction, durable secure and sturdy.
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Easy to install and inexpensive
  • Looks great - even in residential neighborhoods

Tufbox is ideal for many other CP applications.
Contact us for details!

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